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As a Cloud Alliance Re seller of Sales force, Segra Infoware is a leading cloud computing specialist with a proven track record of Implementations, Integrations, Support and App development services. Our extensive solution experience will help the organization to reach the maximize ROI within the expected timeline.

Engaging with Sales force, no longer have to worry about maintenance and upgrades. The updates take place three times a year in the background, without any need of infrastructure upgrade. As your trusted partner, we will be happy to advise you in choosing the right product that meets your requirements.


Our Salesforce Expertise

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    Sales Cloud

    Give your sales teams the power to close the deals like never before with the world’s #1 trusted CRM platform. Increase productivity, keep pipeline filled with solid leads and score more wins without speed limits.

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    Service Cloud

    Enhance your customer support from call-center software to self-service portals — with more responsive, intuitive, and flexible service solutions that help you anticipate your customers’ needs.


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    Community Cloud

    Allows companies to create sites that connect customers with information and employees with experts. It includes a collaborative effort in which infrastructure is shared between several organizations from a specific community.

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    Einstein Analytics

    See all your data from both internal and external sources in pre-built apps and dashboards. Give your team the power to slice and dice the data, no matter where they’re working.

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    Internet of Things (iot) is a network of physical devices like home appliances, vehicles etc embedded with softwares, electronics, sensors etc. Segra Infoware enables its customers to harness the capabilities of this technology.

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    Marketing Cloud

    Make the most of every customer interaction by creating personalized, cross-channel customer journeys that deliver exceptional experiences across email, mobile, social, advertising, the web, and more.

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    Lightning is a new, fast and awesome experience from Salesforce, which helps you to access the instance with lightning speed.

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    Integration Cloud

    Make your business more agile by connecting all your systems to the world’s #1 CRM.

Our Salesforce services and approach gives you a unique range of benefits

  • Requirement Gathering

    Our SFDC consultants will assess your existing business processes and advise you on best practices, specific to your business, to adopt as your CRM. We will map your business processes to’s features and functionalities to give you a better understanding of how to leverage to facilitate your sales functions.

  • Lead Management

    Segra Infoware provide lead management features like web to lead configuration, validations & workflow configurations, lead assessments configuration, auto response configuration.

  • Auto-response configuration

    Auto-response configuration management includes campaign ROI reporting, hierarchy setup, campaign influence setup, analysis reports.

  • Opportunity management

    Configurations, validation & workflow setup, setup approval process, setup products & price books.

  • Reports & Dashboards

    These include 10 custom reports and 1 dynamic dashboard with up to 6 components.

  • Security architecture setup

    Up to 3 custom profiles and 2 permission sets with role hierarchy are some of the features provided.