SAP Strategic Sourcing

Our SAP Consulting supports transformation business goals for customers. We get involved much earlier in the project life cycle and suggests technology and process strategies to be implemented in the system that would provide the best business benefits.

A well-planned, efficiently executed & effectively controlled business transformation solution can help improve your business performance, reduce operational costs and increase top-line growth. However, a poorly executed strategy will lead to an increase in re-working costs and can lead to under-performing assets for an enterprise.

Our strategic consulting helps you leverage your SAP investments in an optimal manner. Our consulting helps you assess the adaptability and preparedness of your organization to adopt a high stake investment decision like rolling out an SAP system.

Our Consulting Services

  • Assess your business model and evaluate your existing business processes
  • Define specific & measurable goals for business performance
  • Map and align the business processes with industry best practices
  • Align your business processes with strategic goals
  • 360 degree communication approach with all the stakeholders on the business transformation
  • Ensure optimal utilization of existing IT ecosystem
  • Assess the adaptability and responsiveness of the enterprise towards change


Improved ROI

Consulting that facilitates process improvements supported by SAP technology

Measurable Business Performance

Key performance indicators are defined that link back to the business performance

Optimized Implementation

Phased and prioritized implementation of a business with defined roll-out process and time schedules that improves business performance in a short span of time

Business - Specific Solution

Business – specific consulting that maximizes the business benefits at reduced timelines and costs

Candidate selection

Each candidate goes through a selection process to verify experience, education and technical skills. Our global database has application on file for each candidate. Business/professional references have been provided and checked. All appropriate testing and evaluation processes have been completed along with a face to face interview. In addition, we have verified each employee’s employment eligibility.

The Professionals

Our company is affiliated with The ISO 9000 professional organizations and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Our Fortune 500 clients and partners speak volumes about our Global Outsourcing and Staffing Solutions.

Response Time

How long does it take to fill your need from the time the order is placed? Our Account Manager will take your formal job description and match candidates in our database to ensure quality service and placement. They will give an intensive analysis to your companies needs and assign several qualified candidates for interview. This process will take 24 for 48 hours. Full Temporary Staff Service Programs.

  • Segra will assume all payroll W-2 obligations and functions
  • Includes screening and recruiting services
  • 48-hour Employee Replacement Program/li>
  • Employee Benefits-medical, dental, vision, long and short-term disability, life insurance, 401k, holiday and vacation pay
  • Faster time to market with tools, accelerators, templates and solution framework
  • More than 15 years of committed relationship with all our SAP engagements

Direct Hire Strategy

Multiple positions with same skill set or executive position, or limited recruiting bandwidth internally.


  • Pre-screen/qualifying questionnaire
  • Qualified candidates’ profiles & resumes
  • Set up interviews 1st, 2nd, etc.
  • Negotiation & deal closing
  • Real-time monitoring of recruiting process
  • Dedicated recruiter
  • No charge research
  • 7×7 Recruitment Management Process
  • 24/7 Sourcing support
  • Fixed up front costs-cost never a surprise
  • We optimize efficiency every step of the way
  • High fill rates-better quality-lower costs
  • True partnership win-win relations
  • Get details on position profile
  • Develop target list
  • Get details on local “Selling” points
  • Get idea of “timetable” and develop implementation plan
  • Give realistic expectations
  • First set of candidates developed within two weeks or less
  • Present and discuss candidates with hiring managers
  • Arrange interviews if necessary
  • Work closely with hiring manager during the interview process
  • Assist in “offer” preparation and presentation

Onsite Recruiting

  • Internet/E-commerce
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • REFX
  • Supply Chain
  • Financials
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Internet/Web Enabled
  • Enterprise Data warehousing