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Accelerating the process of obtaining data-driven insights, at scale cost effectively!

In the world of data explosion — where businesses across industries and other diverse sources are producing never-ending data, enterprises are bound to seek ways to leverage the available data and extract meaningful insights from the same. The race to capitalize and monetize these data-driven insights is becoming the need of the day! However, due to huge amount of data being collected, organizations are not able to analyze and implement the decisions in time. Despite of having an in-house analytics team, disconnection can be noted in operations. The solution to this problem is Cloud Analytics – a concept that has been around for quite some time but has gained prominence in business application, recently. It serves as a better and real-time mode of efficient data management.

Why Choose Cloud over On-premise?

Since most enterprises are in this race, the key to differentiation is the ability to handle varied forms of data, give real time context, process data at scale and deliver comprehensive insights. Managing data in all aspects is of utmost importance, but if your data warehouse is on-premise, it would become an obstacle! Reason? — On-premise data warehouses are complex, costly, unscalable and inflexible systems available only to select stakeholders. They are practically not meant for today’s overwhelming data demands.

This can be easily managed by migrating to Cloud Data Warehousing. However, this adoption comes with some difficulty and every enterprise wanting to migrate gets stuck with the following questions:

  • Will it take years to migrate my decade-old legacy systems? If yes, wont it be counterproductive?
  • Does Cloud DW come with features ensuring safety and security?
  • Among the myriad of availability, which cloud platform & technology stack will be ideal for my business?
  • Will it have a drastic impact on business users and will it shake the existing system completely?
  • Will I have to invest in a huge army of developers to migrate thousands of reports?

Segra ’s Solution Offerings

Automating Processes for Seamless Data Warehouse Migration to Cloud

Cloud EDMA (Enterprise Data Management & Analytics) is designed to provide a holistic solution to businesses for kick starting their cloud migration journey in a cost-effective manner, without affecting existing systems and processes.

We automate the Data Warehouse landscape — assessment, consolidation and migration by fast-tracking processes, speedy deployment, recovering anomalies, and using strong security and governance.

Cloud Readiness & Recommendation

Questionnaire-based assessment of Cloud adoption readiness, helps us come-up with recommendations, that forms a solid foundation for the cloud architecture (IaaS, PaaS, Hybrid), platforms, services and migration approach.

Automated DW Platform Assessment & Migration

Speedy deployment using automated assessment of complexity in existing DW environment, automated and controlled migration of metadata from on premise to cloud.

EDMA Governance

Tools like metadata management adapters for the chosen platforms, Industry specific Business Glossary library help with EDMA Governance.

Small Devices

Extensions, Industry specific use case and jump-start model libraries help in rapidly leveraging Advanced Analytics services

Our cloud EDMA offering helps teams to ensure that the transition doesn’t cost business teams unreasonable amount of time & money. Jump-start your DW cloud migration with us. Send us your queries on We would love to connect!